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Jonny Gee

double bassist


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Press & Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your astounding playing on the Chicago film project.  The director was blown away... and the Henry VIII stuff for Channel 4 was wonderful too” Phil Sheppard

cellist & composer, 2009

It was so nice having such a lovely bassist come in.  In the past professionals have tried to change everything - I felt much more comfortable with you behind me!”

Phil Donnelly - aged 17

English Schools Symphony Orchestra 2008

“Backed by British expert Jonny Gee on double bass … they made some wonderful music.  Brilliancies came and went so fast that there was hardly any time to applaud until the end.”

Jack Massarik, Evening Standard

Lollo Meier concert 2004

“[In] Summerhayes' comic theatrical Mosquito Splat, bassist Jonny Gee is amusingly distracted by a nuisance insect before it meets its death on his instrument ...rendered with unbuttoned passion and brilliance.”

The Strad Magazine

Purcell Room concert 2000

“The five performers seemed to bring out not only their own personalities, but the personalities of their instruments, such as Jonny Gee the bassist following an imaginary mosquito around the stage.”


Salisbury Festival 2002

“One minute we were soaring … near ecstatic playing, the next toe-tapping was replaced with hand-on-heart mournfulness as bassist Jonny Gee dipped the pace to accommodate something haunting.  The shining eyes and smiles all around said it all."

Bucks Free Press

Marlow contemporary music concert 2001

“I was very impressed with your high level of preparation and total commitment. Your playing was both sensitive and robust.”

Stephen McNeff - composer

re World Premier of his Piano Quintet 2006

“[This] sensuous tribute to the great tango master Astor Piazzolla…was rooted in the deep theatricality of the best tango traditions with expert bass player Jonny Gee driving it along superbly”

Western Daily Press

La Mariposa Tango concert 2002

“Backed by the animated and eclectic Jonny Gee on bass … they gelled musically, all the while openly exchanging grins and smiles of sheer pleasure and reflecting the blatant fun they were having.”

Saul Minaee 

Tcha Limberger gypsy swing concert

Le Quecumbar 2004

“Bassist Jonny Gee sparred deftly around the soloists”


Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester 2001

“The most flexible double bassist I’ve ever worked with, across any style”

Antonio Forcione


“Splendid playing in the Trout Quintet”

Sir Roger Norrington


Tel: 07976 287 795